PLU Financial Review March 2024

Time for a spring clean, the first quarter of 2024 is done and dusted. 1st April 2024 That’s it then, in a blink of an eye the first quarter is done and dusted! It has been a fairly eventful first quarter of 2024, with US bond yields rising after the first much anticipated interest rate cut not coming and based upon other data, those hopeful it will arise sooner rather than later, might be left

What The UK Budget Means To Expats

What the UK Budget Means to Expats 7th March 2024 The pre-budget discussions mainly focused on potential tax cuts, especially National Insurance reductions, and the possibility of tax increases for non-domiciles and holiday let investors. The Chancellor presented a more positive fiscal outlook than expected, with lower inflation, robust growth, and a forecasted decrease in debt relative to GDP. What the UK Budget Means to Expats The end of the non-dom regime, a fixture of

PLU Financial Review February 2024

Even in this leap year February flew by and here are some fast facts for the month 1st March 2024 For some January felt like it lasted a lifetime, but February (even with the extra day this year!) flew by and markets responded positively. European and US equities, in particular, performed well and UK large caps were also marginally up over the course of the month. With earnings season done and dusted, broadly speaking it

PLU Financial Review January 2024

Dry January is over and here are our four takeaways for the month 1st February 2024 Where did January go? No doubt for some it felt like there were 62 days last month, but away we go again… Anyway, no matter how many days it had, or felt like it had, we’re through it now and it was a pretty mixed one across markets. US equities continued their ascent, ably supported by European equities where

Guide to Residence and Domicile for UK Tax Purposes

A Guide to Residence and Domicile for UK Tax Purposes 8th January 2023 ‘Residence’ and ‘domicile’ are key concepts that will determine the extent of your UK tax liability. Although the terms are often used interchangeably in everyday life, they are not the same from a UK tax law perspective where crucial differences exist. It is therefore important to know your domicile and residence status.   What is Residence? ‘Residence’ in the UK is governed

QROPS Update

QROPS Update 4th December 2023 TRANSFERS FROM UK SCHEMES TO QROPS/LUMP SUM BENEFTS – DEATH BEFORE AGE 75 It was announced in the Autumn Statement in November 2023 that a new ‘Overseas Transfer Allowance’  will  be  introduced  on  6th  April  2024.  This  will  be  equal  to  the  existing  Lifetime Allowance of £1,073,100 (or higher if the individual has LTA protections in place). This allowance will be used to cap the value of UK pension benefits

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