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Your best interests are our priority. Our advice on your pension will be clear, honest and jargon-free, ensuring that what is best for you is central to what we do.

Pensions and Brexit

Brexit created several well-documented issues for expats residing in the EU. Pensions were impacted heavily when the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement excluded financial services and specifically the passporting of advisory licences between the UK and EU. This means that many UK-based advisers and institutions are no longer able to engage with clients living in the EU.

At Partners Like Us, our UK- & EU-qualified, experienced and knowledgeable team have a foot in both camps. We can ensure you can access many flexible investment options backed by some of the UK’s largest and most well-known financial institutions.

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Your Pension Advice

Understand Your Pension options

Your adviser will provide a free analysis on your current pensions to ensure their suitability and cost effectiveness, considering the benefits that they provide. By comparing your UK or international pension, SIPP and QROPS options we will find out which offers the best benefits and levels of income for your circumstances.

Creating a Pension Strategy That Works For You

Pension planning for expatriates can be a minefield, for many their pension income is key to living the retirement lifestyle of their choice. At PLU, we create specific wealth-management strategies to match your individual aims, objectives and circumstances, utilising a range of pension structures based on your past, current and future country of residence.

Putting You In Control

Our team will work with you helping you have more control over your pensions. You will receive regular reviews to ensure that your pension is aligned to your needs, income or growth requirements.

Nearing Retirement

As your retirement approaches, getting the right support can make a huge difference. We will give you specialist advice to help you understand everything from pension drawdowns to purchasing annuities in your country of residence.

Pensions and Succession Planning

Considering pensions for succession planning is sensible, as many have inheritance tax exemptions. However, with cross-border considerations and different scheme rules, expert guidance is required. We help you understand the tax treatment of your current and future pension schemes during your lifetime but also ensuring a seamless and tax-efficient plan for passing these assets to your loved ones.

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Following your free consultation, we will prepare a financial plan aligned with your profile and goals. Every part of the process will be easy to understand and fees will be fully explained.


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When you are ready to proceed with your financial plan, we will start the onboarding process. Your adviser and the team will update you during the secure application process.

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We will deliver an excellent and professional service for the long-term. Your adviser will provide continuous support, updates and regular reviews so your plan stays aligned to your goals.

Complete, Professional Pension Service

Whatever your location, it’s essential that you stay informed on current rules and regulations, to make sure that your pension is optimised now, ready for the future.

Questions of tax and inheritance inevitably arise when discussing pensions, as well as income options and other benefits. At Partners Like Us, we cover all the basics and more, delivering personalised pension advice that leaves you feeling in control of your finances

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Wealth Management

Providing a comprehensive approach to managing your finances. Forming strong, lasting relationships that help you achieve your goals and financial wellbeing.

Pension Advice

Your best interests are our priority. Our advice on your pension will be clear, trustworthy and jargon-free, ensuring that what is best for you is central to what we do.

International Financial Planning

Supporting our clients, wherever they may be. If you’re living abroad, our team will be there to aid you at every turn.

Retirement Planning

Putting your retirement needs first. A key part of retirement is being able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Inheritance and Succession

When it comes to inheritance and succession planning, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of the laws and legislation that impact your wealth, which is where our experts can help.

Tax Planning

Understanding your financial situation and how that impacts your tax liabilities is central to the advice and tax planning services that we deliver.

Repatriation Services

We proudly provide continued support and advice to our clients, wherever they are in the world, to ensure that their assets are protected.

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