Putting your retirement needs first

Enjoying retirement is something to which we all aspire. With correct planning, our team will help you to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Putting your retirement priorities at the forefront of what we do.

Retirement can be an exciting phase of life that brings significant financial commitments. Hopefully it will be full of opportunities to explore new things, spend quality time with loved ones and indulge in hobbies or travel adventures. At Partners Like Us, we work with you to plan for and achieve your goals.

Our team will tailor their retirement forecasting and financial advice to your specific needs, always considering your priorities.
With our straightforward methods and jargon-free advice, you can be assured of a comfortable and smooth retirement planning process when you work with our dedicated Advisers.

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Planning the perfect retirement

Sooner the Better
As a population we are living longer, and in today’s world, when it comes to planning for your retirement, the sooner you start, the better! By gradually setting aside some savings over time, you’ll be well on your way to building a solid retirement fund throughout your working life.
Retirement Forecasting

Having a clear plan in place will be one of the main objectives for you and your adviser. Whatever your priorities, working closely together helps us really understand what you need and when, so we can formulate a plan to ensure you have the income you need. Our team work closely with you throughout the process, as we aim to provide a financial plan that delivers for the rest of your life. We take the worry out of retirement planning as we look to create a secure level of income with the required level of flexibility.

Prioritising Your Goals
You can depend on our team to be always clear and professional, as they prioritise your retirement goals. We will consider all aspects of your retirement fund and offer honest, impartial advice to help you concentrate on living your life. We’re here to work closely with you to figure out the right amount of income you’ll need during your retirement. Whether it’s planning regular holidays or other activities, we want to understand your desires to help create a solid plan for your financial well-being.
State Pensions

Living in the UK comes with the perk of a state pension, but it’s worth noting that the age at which it commences is on the rise. For many, relying solely on the state pension might not quite cover all the bases. It’s all about making sure your retirement plans align with your unique needs and goals!

Reviewing the Plan

Our commitment doesn’t stop at implementing your retirement plan. We believe in nurturing long-term relationships with our clients. The connections and partnerships we build with our clients are essential for achieving financial success. By collaborating over an extended period, we gain a deep understanding of your financial goals, risk tolerance and personal values. This knowledge enables us to craft personalised financial plans that align with your unique needs, ensuring you’re on track to achieve your long-term goals. As life evolves, we can adjust the plan accordingly, providing ongoing support and guidance. Our clients appreciate the value of a strong relationship built on trust and communication – the key elements for securing financial well-being and enjoying a comfortable retirement in the long run.

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We will deliver an excellent and professional service for the long-term. Your adviser will provide continuous support, updates and regular reviews so your plan stays aligned to your goals.

Securing Your Future

To enjoy a long and comfortable retirement, you’ll require an adequate amount of savings. Each person has unique retirement goals whether you want to tick items off your bucket list or are happy to sit back and relax.

At Partners Like Us, we put retirement planning at the forefront of what we do, as we understand it should be seen as a necessary expense and an integral part of overall expenditure.

Whatever your retirement goals might be, we will help you to feel secure in planning for your retirement.

Where Next?

Wealth Management

Providing a comprehensive approach to managing your finances. Forming strong, lasting relationships that help you achieve your goals and financial wellbeing.

Pension Advice

Your best interests are our priority. Our advice on your pension will be clear, trustworthy and jargon-free, ensuring that what is best for you is central to what we do.

International Financial Planning

Supporting our clients, wherever they may be. If you’re living abroad, our team will be there to aid you at every turn.

Retirement Planning

Putting your retirement needs first. A key part of retirement is being able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Inheritance and Succession

When it comes to inheritance and succession planning, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of the laws and legislation that impact your wealth, which is where our experts can help.

Tax Planning

Understanding your financial situation and how that impacts your tax liabilities is central to the advice and tax planning services that we deliver.

Repatriation Services

We proudly provide continued support and advice to our clients, wherever they are in the world, to ensure that their assets are protected.

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