Our Regulation

Our compliance and regulation protects the future you work for, guiding your financial journey to help you achieve your goals.

At Partners Like Us, we believe it is imperative to be able to bring world leading standards to our global client base. We have partnered with an industry leading network of regulated financial planners.

Nexus Global have a global footprint and provide us with strong back-office and compliance support. This means the advice our clients receive is cross-checked by more than one set of eyes and held up to high levels of scrutiny.

We feel that this extra layer of protection provides increased confidence to our clients. Nexus Global has approximately 30 member firms. They have a back-office team of over 20 people who support us on a daily basis, so we can focus on you.

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Where Next?

Wealth Management

Providing a comprehensive approach to managing your finances. Forming strong, lasting relationships that help you achieve your goals and financial wellbeing.

Pension Advice

Your best interests are our priority. Our advice on your pension will be clear, trustworthy and jargon-free, ensuring that what is best for you is central to what we do.

International Financial Planning

Supporting our clients, wherever they may be. If you’re living abroad, our team will be there to aid you at every turn.

Retirement Planning

Putting your retirement needs first. A key part of retirement is being able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Inheritance and Succession

When it comes to inheritance and succession planning, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of the laws and legislation that impact your wealth, which is where our experts can help.

Tax Planning

Understanding your financial situation and how that impacts your tax liabilities is central to the advice and tax planning services that we deliver.

Repatriation Services

We proudly provide continued support and advice to our clients, wherever they are in the world, to ensure that their assets are protected.

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