Ben Noifeld

Director & Financial Planner

Meet Ben, one of the co-founders at Partners Like Us, with over a decade’s focus on internationally mobile clients. Ben boasts a profound understanding of tax systems and legal frameworks across Europe and beyond. After obtaining his Law degree (LLB Hons) from a London university, he earned his first financial planning qualification in 2011 while working at Lloyds Banking Group.

Since 2013, Ben has diligently built a global network of professional partners to navigate complex tax issues for clients exposed to multiple tax regimes. Through these collaborations, he enjoys seeing the relationships with his clients develop, ensuring positive outcomes.

While Ben primarily communicates via phone, video conferencing, and email, he places great value on face-to-face meetings, showcasing his extensive knowledge of the B Roads in France, Spain, and Portugal!

Beyond his financial expertise, Ben values family time and maintains an active lifestyle as a passionate runner.