Ian Boden

Chartered Financial Planner

Ian is a Chartered Financial Planner with the CII in the UK, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to Partners Like Us. With over 20 years in the expatriate financial planning and wealth management industry, Ian has worked for well-established international private banks in Gibraltar, Malta, and the Channel Islands. His extensive experience, combined with having lived in four different countries, enables him to understand the challenges faced by expatriates, especially when it comes to finding a trusted professional to manage their financial requirements.

Before his international roles, Ian spent 15 years in Sales Management and Financial Planning in the UK. During this time, he learned the importance of treating clients as individuals while providing independent financial advice. Ian has a proven track record of leveraging his knowledge, experience, and qualifications to offer a unique service. He is dedicated to developing trusted adviser status with his clients by adopting a personal and holistic approach that aligns with their goals and aspirations.

Outside of work, Ian values quality family time and enjoys traveling to different countries to experience various cultures and meet new people.