Liam Speake

Director & Financial Planner

Liam left the UK in 2005 to start his journey as an international wealth planner, after spending time in the Middle East in the late 1990s, where he first experienced and fell in love with the expat lifestyle.

Since 2005, Liam has worked with expatriates in over 100 different countries, advising them with their pensions, savings, and investments.

Using his experience and network of international partners, he has helped his clients overcome complex cross-border issues with a friendly and clear common-sense approach, simplifying convoluted situations.

Before co-founding Partners Like Us, Liam managed a team of over fifteen advisers, as well as paraplanners and administrators working with UK, EU, and Internationally based clients, helping them develop their knowledge and skills.

Liam lives in Andalucía with his long-term partner alongside their trusted dog, Cooper. After a long history of playing various sports, he is now more comfortable watching.